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Trading wheat barley sorghum cotton seed palm kernal meal canola meal 

Specialising in feed grain and commodity markets across eastern Australia 


Alliance Grains is a business built on reputation and integrity, servicing farmers and grain buyers across the entire east coast of Australia’s growing belt.  Specialising in feed grain markets whilst active across all commodity markets.

The company provides a professional business relationship with all counter parties and offers a competitive and secure option for your grain buying and selling needs. Extensive experience in both domestic and export grain trading, logistics and supply chain management means that Alliance Grains can deliver you the marketing edge to maximise your returns.  


  • Specialising in all feed grains including cotton seed, palm kernel meal, soya hull pellets, and all protein meals canola and soya bean meal.    

  • Guaranteed Grower payments with debtors insurance

  • procurement for domestic consumers100% Australian owned and operated 

  • Provide Market Intelligence – Alliance Grains offers their clients domestic and international market
    information to keep up to date with prices and trends. 

  • Logistics - Alliance Grains logistics is well organised and aligned with professional carriers that will work with the customers and communicate to ensure successful outcomes.

Alliance Grains provides the marketing edge you need 
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